Miya's Law

After weeks of conversations and hard work, Miya's Law passed through the Legislature and is on the Governor's desk ready to be signed into law! This bill was named in honor of Miya Marcano, a 19-year-old college student who was killed in her Orlando apartment. The alleged killer was a maintenance worker who used a master key to enter her unit, despite having a criminal background. Miya’s law expands safety measures for the 2 million renters across our state. This includes extending the time of notice that a maintenance worker can enter an apartment from 12 to 24 hours, requiring apartment complexes to run background checks on employees who have access to a tenant’s home, as well as directing apartment complexes to establish policies for the issuance and return of all master keys and to maintain a log of employees who enter a unit. In an effort to curb human trafficking, it also prohibits public lodging establishments from charging hourly rates. This law creates common sense provisions that will create a greater sense of security for Florida's renters. Thank you to my Prime Co-Sponsor Representative Plakon (R) and to the Senate Sponsors, Senator Stewart (D) and Senator Perry (R).

Flood Control

I am excited to announce my bill to accelerate upgrades to South Florida’s aging flood control system has passed out of the Legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature. This bipartisan legislation is backed by $2 million to expedite the study of the Central and Southern Florida (C&SF) Flood Control Project. The C&SF is the backbone of South Florida’s flood protection. It is a 70 year old system of canals, drainage pumps, and gates which protect South Florida's 11 million residents, its economy, the freshwater aquifer, and the Everglades. This system is under serious stress due to sea level rise and increased flooding.

HB 513 creates a system of accountability to ensure the flood control system's needs are met. Southeast Florida makes up over 1/3 of Florida’s economy. If our flood management systems are not maintained, jobs will be lost and vital tourism will decline. This bill was a priority of both Miami Dade and Broward County. That is why I worked across the aisle with Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez (R) and Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera to create legislation that will set the foundation for a stronger, more resilient Florida.

Health Disparities

HB 855 brings greater transparency to Florida’s Medicaid program and has been sent to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. This bill ensures that our tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. HB 855 directs Medicaid programs to collect data including age, race, ethnicity, sex, and disability in order to address health care disparities and to ensure patients’ needs are met. The pandemic emphasized the significant healthcare inequalities across the nation and this legislation works to close that gap by ensuring Floridians will have better access to high quality healthcare.

Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience

Tropical Storm Eta flooded our district and inundated our water management infrastructure, trapping many of us in our homes. This event made flood mitigation one of my top priorities. House Bill 901 required the State to perform a statewide assessment of future expenditures by federal, state, and local governments to address both inland and coastal flooding and ensures fiscally responsible decisions are made. I am proud to say HB 901 was enrolled into Representative Bussata Cabrera's House Bill 7019, Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience and was signed into law in 2021.

Serena's Law

Representative Persons-Mulicka (R) of Fort Myers and I introduced House Bill 1229 to protect children. This bill was signed into law in 2021. It closes a loophole that protected the identity of adults whom an injunction for the protection of a minor has been entered. Now, employers, such as school administrators and summer camps, can search for the identity of the respondent in these matters.

Preserving Our Schools During COVID-19

As a former classroom teacher and assistant principal, I knew from experience that it was time to take a pause from the pressure and penalties of high-stakes testing. There was nothing typical about the 2020-21 school year; teachers and students lost family members, faced housing and food insecurity, were quarantined, and many students were dealing with mental health issues. House Bill 359 removed State penalties and held schools, teachers and students harmless.

While this bill was not passed, it brought media attention to the issue and an Executive Order was issued shortly after.

2022 Appropriations

  • $2,000,000 to reevaluate and study South Florida’s aging Flood System for future improvements
  • A combined $1,671,894 for 3 Southwest Ranches Drainage Improvement Projects

In 2021, Robin secured almost $1 million for a new pump station in Pembroke Pines to help alleviate flooding, mobile storm water pumps to be used by the South Broward Drainage District in flooding emergencies, and flood control projects in Southwest Ranches.

  • For education and public awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease and related forms of Dementia
  • To provide mental health services to students
  • To ensure visitation policies - no patient left alone act
  • Establishing a task force to monitor children in out of home care
  • Requiring a course in financial literacy for high school graduation requirement
  • Ensuring grandparent visitation rights
  • Enacting policies in response from the MSD School Safety Commission
  • To address the needs of homeless youth

Cosponsored Bills

  • To streamline the senior homestead exemption process
  • To create Purple Star Campus Programs – to help military families relocating to Florida
  • Creating a new 211 hotline that veterans can call to access behavioral healthcare.
  • To Increase Educational Opportunities for Disabled Veterans
  • Addressing the Care of Students with Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders
  • Assist working students access Bright Futures Scholarships
  • Ensuring Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction
  • Recognizing a Victims of Communism Day
  • A Memorial condemning the Atrocities and Genocide in Cuba
  • To assist children with Developmental Delays
  • To provide instructional personnel providing applied behavioral analysis services
  • To regulate pharmacy and pharmacy benefits managers
  • Extending workers compensation benefits for posttraumatic stress disorder to our Correctional Officers

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Robin Bartleman, Democrat, for State Representative, District 103