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Preserving Public Education

ChildrenAs a former special education teacher, I took money out of my own pocket to purchase supplies. As a School Board Member, I have been fighting for our teachers and our students; this is unacceptable! It is imperative that we focus on educating the whole child as opposed to focusing on high stakes testing. Our teachers deserve to be treated and paid like the professionals they are; children are our greatest resource and we must ensure that every child gets the best education possible based on his or her individual needs. Preserving and funding public education is essential.

Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation

As a former assistant principal in Liberty City in the middle of the Scott Housing Projects, I saw the impact gun violence had on my students and their families' lives. Every child deserves to feel safe. After the tragedy at MSD, I was asked to arm my teachers. I fought against this legislation led by Tallahassee instead of those impacted. Today Broward County Public Schools utilize School Resource Officers and trained School Safety Officers.

Preserving Our Environment

My daughters are 17 and 20 years old, and I am afraid of what the Earth will look like in the upcoming decades. Addressing and adapting to climate change is a major priority and concern, especially given the alarming predictions of how Florida will be impacted.

Access to Affordable Health Care

I am also ready to fight for my mother, who is in her seventies with no retirement to speak of. She is constantly choosing between healthcare and her basic needs; she knows she must work full time for the rest of her life to afford her health care costs. I am ready to tackle the issue of affordable health care, which should be an issue that no family in Florida should have to worry about.

Affordable Housing

Furthermore, my sister and mother live together because of the affordable housing crisis in Broward County. We must strengthen our economy to benefit everyone, not just the wealthy.

Equity for Women

As a single mother, I am ready to fight for my daughters and for all women's rights. I have served as a Girl Scout Troop leader and for the last eight years as a Take Stock in Children Mentor, helping to empower girls. Women deserve equitable pay, safe access to health care, and the right to make decisions about their bodies.






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